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Agada diabetes centre in its concerted effort to improve patient outcomes (prevention of complications, good blood glucose control, healthy behaviour etc) provides a unique platform for its patients. Agada connect provides exclusive benefits to its members. Go ahead and connect with us.

Prescription refill : Would you like your prescription to be refilled and delivered to your doorstep ? Once you enter your prescription details, your prescription would be refilled within 24 hours. You will receive an SMS/email once it is refilled.

  • Pick Up.
  • Home Delivery.
  • Preferred Time.

Ordering Investigations : If you have received our reminder for your follow-up, you can schedule appointments with our lab for blood collection and other investigations.
  • Home Blood Collection - Date/Time.
  • Visit Centre - Date/Time.

View your records : You can view your medical records and share it with your doctor anytime you want. No more messy folders to carry around.

Member discussion/views : Join us in our discussion regarding the issues connected to diabetes and overall wellness. We would love to know your views.

Member queries : You can address your queries regarding general health and diabetes, specific clarifications directly with your doctor/educator.
General Queries,Queries addressing your physician ,dietitian , educator.

Medication information : Do you have questions about your medication? Type in the name of your medication(s) and view their description.

Insulin Information : If you have any queries regarding your insulin type, dosage or administration – enter your insulin type, dosage and view a description.

Rate your plate : Would you like to know the nutritive value about a specific meal you had or would you like to know in general about your meal plan , enter you dietary details and view the nutritional value. You would also be able to view the remarks regarding your meal.

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